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About Black in Fashion
Black in fashion is a Northern-based platform, we focus on guiding young Black creatives in building valuable connections within the fashion industry across the North of the UK.

We aim to ensure that young Black people in the North are able to see a future for themselves within the fashion industry, which is notorious for its exclusion of us despite the consistent appropriation and referencing of Black culture.

Through our work, we address the lack of resources and accessibility for Black northerners and we aim to globally expand our platform to create a sustainable and ethical Black fashion network for the African Diaspora.


Founder and Cultural Curator

Feya Mattis is a multi-disciplinary artist from Greater Manchester, her work ranges from styling, casting directing to creative direction and marketing. Feya focuses on Blackness, for her, it is the epicentre of creation and throughout her projects, she aims to show how children of the African Diaspora remain spiritually connected despite physical distance.
In 2019, she founded Black in Fashion as a direct response to the lack of support for Black Northern creatives. Leading a team of 7, her aim is to connect Black creatives, starting in the North of the UK and establish a sustainable network and safe space where they are able to express themselves without fear of censorship and judgement.


Photographer & Content Creator

Fashion stylist/photographer/videographer and artist from Birmingham.
She is a multifaceted artist who creates work prominently looking at black women and their walks of life. She was hugely inspired by black media including film and music to create her art. LeShaun’s art often tells a story and is an outlet for her to spill her emotions and thoughts, Her projects are reflections of her in some shape or form it is important that she showcases black women and their stories as she feels it is important for their voices to be heard and for them to be represented in a world that often dismisses them and doesn’t see their beauty. She often uses bright bold and contrasting colours, all the colours they tried to keep black people away from, she is always looking at the contrast of the skin with the colour and how much it compliments the imagery she creates it oozes beauty.


Graphic Designer

Summer is a young creative based in Manchester. She uses her creative practice to promote ideas that are not always represented in mainstream media. With an interest in fashion and a love for design her artwork bridges together both realms. Simplicity and bold colours are some of the main defining points of her design work. Using the power of minimalism in contrast to the overly saturated world around us helps to spread her message.

Summer's practice and the main route into the creative industry have been focused on representing and helping brand small businesses. There is a primary focus on working within black communities to help with the issue of under-representation, using design as fuel to aid the change that needs to happen within our society.


Graphic Designer and Image Maker

Hanan Noor also known as Pluto is a multi-disciplinary creative from Liverpool. Her work focuses tackling the social and cultural societal norms of her mixed Somali and Yemeni background. As well as looking at her religious background from a Gen Z perspective; In which she explores gender identity, heritage and reclaiming cultural identity, redefining beauty standards and fashion. Hanan is currently an undergrad at the University of Salford where she studies FIMS (Fashion Image Making and Styling). Her main field of profession alongside fashion are, fine art, makeup and graphic design Hanan is constantly reminded and inspired by the LGBTQ community and Muslim women of colour in her community. She aspires to uplift her community through her work and creating an atmosphere for women and to embed the fact that they are beautiful, empowering, free and inspiring.


Accountancy & Operations

Jhelisa is a West Yorkshire based team member of BIF. She comes from a background of textiles and works predominantly as a part-ACCA qualified accountant.
Being able to work both creatively and strategically in a business sense her focus on BIF is to ensure the smooth running of operations and oversee finances whilst sometimes feeding into the creative direction of Black in Fashion.


Creative Director and Videographer

Ella Mayamothi is an artist from South Manchester. Her body of work examines and contributes to the dialogue surrounding Black Liberation. With escapism as the foundation of her practice, she offers work calling on audiences to consider a new narrative and existence. This principle translates to her work within Black In Fashion as a Curator and Creative Director on the team. Ella produces and delivers projects, documents BIF’s movements and assists in the construction of physical spaces for Black people.


Marketing Officer and Editor

Nicole Lloyd is a Midlands based, Jamaican who makes up 1/7th of Black in Fashion as the marketing officer. She appears to be the modern-day renaissance woman, dibbling and dabbling her skillset in many different fields. She is a recent management marketing graduate, from The University of Manchester. Nicole has endeavoured to teach herself the ropes of the creative world; from journalism, brand management, clothing customisations and creative direction, just to name a few of her achievements. Look out for what she has coming next.


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